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Eventually, students who want to earn a certificate or diploma must fill out an application packet and submit SAT or ACT scores or pass the Open Latch Education Foundation's Preparatory Learning Examination (OLEF PLE), which is an exam written and assessed by our accreditation agency but administered by Ravenburn locally. Our target SAT score is 1600 or better (composite of Math, Writing, and Critical Reading), and our target ACT score is 21 or better (composite and subject areas). For the OLEF PLE, one must earn at or above an 80% score.


The entrance exam we use (the OLEF PLE) is not recognized nationally in the same way that the ACT and SAT are. Consequently, taking our exam in lieu of the ACT or SAT will help you in your application to Ravenburn and any other faculty-school college in the system supervised by OLEF, but not in an application to any other traditional college or university.



PLACES/DATES: The Ravenburn exam is taken at a public library in the area of the Ravenburn main faculty group (within the Greater Cleveland/Akron area) or its satellite branches. Students will receive the address of the testing site upon registration for the exam. Students must take the exam in person, with a Ravenburn proctor administering the exam. The exam is given five times a year: on the 3rd Saturday of the months of July, September, December, February, and April.



REGISTRATION/FEE. There is a $50 charge for the Ravenburn exam, which is paid directly to our accreditation agency, the Open Latch Education Foundation. The agency independently grades the test and then passes on to us the test, the score, and its recommendation for acceptance.


Please email us at (substitute @ for _at_) for more information on taking our exam. To receive a sample version of the exam, please email the director requesting the sample exam. The sample exam will be emailed to the recipient.

entrance exam
application forms

ENTERING AS A-LA-CARTE STUDENT. Even though you would be attending as a non-enrolled student, we still would like to get some basic information from you concerning contacts, age, health, and other matters. Clickhere for application packet.



AUDITING. If you are enrolling as an auditor, you do not need to fill out any application forms at this time. Simply pay for the class and then attend. You can find the payment buttons here.



ENTERING AS A HIGH-SCHOOL GRADUATE. To be admitted into Ravenburn as a high-school graduate looking to earn a certificate or diploma from Ravenburn, your application packet must be approved by the Ravenburn faculty and you must earn at or above an 80% score on the Ravenburn entrance exam. An SAT score between 1600 or above or an ACT score of 21 or above can stand in place of the Ravenburn exam. Click here for application packet.



ENTRANCE EXAM. If you are planning to enroll in a certificate or program at Ravenburn, you'll have to take an entrance exam of some sort. This can be the ACT or SAT, or it can be the exam we use, the Open Latch Education Foundation's Preparatory Learning Examination. See here for more info. NOTE: If you are planning to take classes but are not ready to actually enroll in one of our programs, you don't need the entrance exam, just an application.


ENTERING AS A-LA-CARTE STUDENT. If you want to explore Ravenburn Humanities Bible College before committing to the program in any way, you can take up to 30 credits through a-la-carte work, in any order. All you have to do is pick a class from our list of upcoming courses, see when the cut-off date for payment is, and sign up! Click here to see our current offerings.


Even though you would be attending as a non-enrolled student, we still would like to get some basic information from you concerning contacts, age, health, and other matters. Click here for application packet.


Two words of advice, though. First, our academic classes are rather heavy on reading and writing. We'll show you different strategies to use to get through all the reading, and we'll work with you every step of the way for your required class essay, but if you just don't enjoy reading, if you would rather avoid it and are not drawn to it more or less naturally, then you probably struggle quite a bit to get through the work.


Second, if you pick and choose classwork, you may end up somewhat out of order, if you eventually decide to go full-time. This may mean that you might not graduate on time, as you may have to spend extra quarters picking up the skipped pieces.



AUDITING. You can audit a class if you like. Auditors simply do the reading and come to land seminars to participate in the discussions. If you do all the readings and attend at least 6 of the 8 sessions, you will receive a transcript showing that you successfully audited the class. Auditors will need to pay the full tuition price for the class.



BASIC WORK LOAD. For a 3-credit class, you can expect to spend about 1-2 hours a day doing Ravenburn work outside of class, 5 days a week, for 8 weeks. A good part of this load will be reading. For each class, a 1,500-word term paper is due at the end of the 8-week quarter.


If you go full time, you will carry 7 credits a quarter. You will have to earn 1 of these credits by working at a part-time job 15-20 hours a week. Altogether, you can expect to spend at least 3 hours a day on Ravenburn work, 5 days a week, for 8 weeks. This is in addition to the part-time work requirement.



REQUIREMENTS. The following are basic requirements for success at Ravenburn:

1) A personal laptop and a printer, along with a consistent supply of paper.

2) Consistent, fast connection to the Internet, preferably from the student's home.

3) Access to, and an account with CourseSites, a course-management system (

4) An account with a mainstream email service, preferably Gmail.

5) Access to the full resources of at least one public-library consortium.

6) A part-time job (15-20 hrs/wk)

7) Consistent and reliable transportation to the land sites.

8) Personal financial means to pay for tuition up front.

9) A PayPal account, or the means and willingness to purchase via PayPal.

10) At minimum of least 3 hours a day, 5 days a week, that you can commit to studying for the program.


Particular academic tools that aid students in mastering the content of a certain class will be discussed by the faculty of the class. Our general policy is that when such resources are required, free or low-cost versions must be promoted by the faculty. The current director must approve of the expense before it is presented to the students as a requirement of the class.



FREE-DISCUSSION AGREEMENT. In submitting an application, the student and his or her parents agree to the right of the teacher to disagree with longstanding views and values of the student, and vice versa, without the disagreement affecting the assessment of the student's or teacher's capabilities. The class discussion space is to be one where different views are tolerated socially although intellectual fidelity must insist that contradictory views are not both true. Intellectual disagreement is to be carried out in a way that respects human presence. All participants have the right to voice fundamental beliefs about God, people, and the world and to build on those beliefs.

CORE ACADEMIC AND BEHAVIOR POLICIES. In submitting an application, an applicant agrees to the following:

1) Students and teachers must adhere to the dress code of "business casual" or better.
2) All students must attend a minimum of 75% of the face-to-face meetings in order to be eligible to pass the class.
3) Tardiness past 1/2 of the allotted meeting time will be counted as an absence. Tardiness before the half-hour mark accumulates.
4) No student can continue coursework if he or she has 2 recorded final grades of "Incomplete" or 3 recorded final grades of a C- or lower.
5) No student can continue coursework if he or she is in arrears for tuition from the previous term.
6) No final class grade will be archived for a student who has not paid the tuition for that same coursework.

7) Only registered students (including auditors) can attend class or do Ravenburn work.

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