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practicum partners

In our program, students have to complete a practicum unit (3.5 credits) every quarter, starting with their very first quarter. Practicums are on-the-ground work with pastors, Christian businesses, or Christian non-profits. Usually, this involves anywhere from 8 to 16 hours a week.


The idea here is to give students an opportunity to develop those intangible relationship skills that are so very crucial to long-term success in the ministry. The best way to do this is to pair students up with proven men and women of the faith. 

The practicums can be 8 weeks, 16 weeks, 24 weeks, or even 32 weeks. This helps a student take advantage of both short-term experiences in scaled-down venues and also longer stretches in ministries that allow for a rich variety of workplace activities.

Currently, students can chose practicums from the following locations (not exhaustive):

Alpha Savings Consultants

(Gibsonia, PA)

Crosspoint Alliance Church

(Fairlawn, OH)

Waukesha  Bible Church

(Waukesha, OH)

Northbrook Baptist Church

(Cedar Rapids, IA)

Harvest Community Church

(Franklin, WI)

Youth for Christ Ministries 

(Cleveland, OH)

The Way Out Prison Ministries

(Akron, OH)

Upward Youth Basketball

(Stow, OH)

Macedonia Christian Academy

(Pharr, TX)

Iglesia Bautista Betania

(Mission, TX)

Camp Loma de Vida

Ministries (Edinburgh, TX)

Students can use churches, business, and ministries that they already know or are members of to set up their practicums, and we encourage the idea that a cohort of practicums be formed around a particular aspect of ministry that the student wants to specialize in. If at least 18 credits are earned from themed practicums, we will list it as a concentration in the student's transcript. This can allow the student to showcase specific skills when it comes time to be placed in the ministry.

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