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We are required by our accreditation agency (OLEF) to have all of our students pass a math exam, a logic exam, and a grammar exam. These exams are written by OLEF, and while we proctor the exams locally, the exams are graded by the OLEF assessors. 

The math exam serves as the faculty-school system's entrance exam. All students must take this before they are officially recognized as being enrolled in a program. The logic exam and grammar exam must both be taken before the student earns more than 60 credits in the program (usually before the student's third year).

At this point, there is only 1 required portfolio that all students in the faculty-school system must submit for assessment to the Open Latch Education Foundation. This is the writing portfolio. This portfolio must be graded by two OLEF assessors before the student can enter the exit years of any program (usually, the last 2 years).  The portfolio for undergraduate programs must be at minimum of 7 essays long for a total of 15,000 words. Each essay must have a cover sheet explaining its audience, its genre or mode, and its rhetorical goals.

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