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financing the program (Ug)

Our programs are designed with the goal in mind that every student will be able to pay for the tuition by means of prior savings or part-time work.

The Faculty-School System, through the independent, three-tiered structure of the schools on the ground, the main accreditation agency in the middle (the Open Latch Education Foundation), and the recognition agency (COFSA, or the Council of Oversight for Faculty School Accreditation) at the top, is set up to obviate any attempt by the student to take federal or state student-loan financing. 

If you are a parent whose son or daughter is going through our programs, we strongly encouraged to consider the possible ways to help:

  • continue carrying them on your medical insurance

  • buy their books for them for each quarter (almost always we pick materials that can be found through online used-book sellers)

  • prepare to cover emergency expenses (like car troubles and so forth)

  • subsidize necessary food and cost-of-living expenses that go beyond our proposed budget (?)

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