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how to enroll (nontraditional)

Enrolling for a nontraditional pathway is an interesting process. Basically, there is no standard one-way-to-do-this because we want to honor the uniqueness of each individual and of each individual's situation. 

Here are some things you can count on, though:

We always like to get an updated resume (with references).

A portfolio that displays writing skill is a big plus.

Anything that displays your creativity will be appreciated. For example, if you are an artist, include some photos of your work in the portfolio listed above. Or if you are a musician, send us an audio clip of your work.

High-school transcripts, if you are looking to dual-enroll. This will let us see what you've already taken.

How about a list of books you've read in the last five years?

Have you started a business? Let us know? Developed a web site? Send us the URL.

You get the picture. 

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