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our refund policy

All coursework in each quarter must be paid in full at the time of registration or the student will not be enrolled in that particular quarter. A full refund can be granted during the first 2 calendar weeks from the opening of the quarter. A half refund can be granted after the first 2 calendar weeks but before the beginning of the 5th calendar week.


Students pay for the classes by using the Pay Pal buttons on our Tuition, Fees, Payments page (click here to go).


All transactions are done through PayPal so that parents have the option to use a 60-day chargeback via the mediation of PayPal. All complaints about our dealings with refund requests can be directed to the director of our accreditation agency using these email addresses:

We ask that no refund be requested during the last two weeks of the quarter. These deadlines are to ensure that our faculty members receive proper and full payment for their duties. If a student feels that he or she has a case for a full refund in good faith (for example, because of a documented hospital stay or extended illness), then the student should discuss the matter with the current director or can initiate a chargeback through PayPal.

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