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Workload Expectations (uG)

Basically, it's a lot. But it's heavy with a purpose. You'll have to learn how to do more with less time, how to sleep and rest in intentional ways, and how to pray to God for daily strength.

Why? Going forward in life after Ravenburn, you'll have to be comfortable with a busy lifestyle because you may have to start off in ministry as a bi-vocational worker. That is, you may have to hold down a full-time job and minister in the time available outside the workplace. Of you may have to hold 1 or more part-time jobs while also doing ministry. 

Or perhaps you start off in a full-time ministry and then God gives you a great idea for a small-business or a para-ministry organization that truly meets a need in the Kingdom of God. Will you know how to carry the dual burden of maintaining ministry while starting something new?

And what about lifelong reading? It's one thing to read because you are required to for classwork, especially when time for that classwork is built into your schedule. But what will happen when college finishes and no one is requiring that you read? Will you stop because of time? We certainly hope not.

So it's busy by design.

Here's a guess at what a typical week might look like for a full-time BA student (taking 7 credits a quarter). 

-about 3 hrs/day studying/reading

-practicum , about 4-8 hrs/wk 

-part-time job, 10-30 hrs/wk 

-class meetings, about 3 hrs/wk

-travel, about 1 hr/day

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