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transferring credit (UG)


If you are coming from another faculty-school college accredited by OLEF, than all of your general-learning units will transfer and most, if not all, of the program-specific units will transfer.


However, if we decide that there is enough of a material difference in the structure or content of the program-specific material you are seeking to transfer in, we will make a decision as to how much we will accept. Before we notify you, we will have OLEF examine our decision, and you will be able to appeal to OLEF if you do not agree.


If you are seeking a transfer to another faculty-school college, than all of the general-learning units will transfer, as will the practicum credits if these credits align with the other program's requirements. 

Program-specific material that aligns with another program in the Faculty-School System should transfer, but see the qualification listed in the above section.

If you are seeking to transfer Ravenburn credit to a college or university outside the Faculty-School System, please be advised that aside from certain colleges with which we have a relationship, you should assume that very few, if any, credits will transfer. This is due to the fact that we have made a conscious decision to deviate from the traditional content and approaches that inform traditional college education. 


Finally, remember that within the Faculty-School System, while general-learning classes are standardized, a core quality with the program-specific coursework is the opportunity to work with a school's specific faculty. For this reason, a general rule-of-thumb when it comes to transferring credit in or out is that no school should transfer in or out more than 50% of the credits that are needed to complete the program-specific curriculum. 

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