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General requirements (undergrad)

1) You must meet all the basic application requirements (entrance exam, application form).


2) You must be 18 or older and must have a valid driver's licence.

3) You must have a laptop with Internet connections and a printer with means to get the toner and paper. Implied in this requirement is the further willingness to open and maintain online accounts in mainstream platforms like Gmail, Skype (or a similar live-stream service), Blackboard CourseSites, and so forth.

4) You must have consistent and reliable transportation. Ideally, this means you own a car.

5) You must work a part-time paying job in the community at large (10-30 hrs/wk). This is a requirement even if you are able to pay the tuition without working because we want to train you for bi-vocational ministry.

6) You must engage in an on-the-ground practicum with a mentor or supervisor at least 4 hrs/wk (we will help you set this up). 

7) You must have access to the full resources available at a local public library. If you are moving to Cleveland or one of our other branch areas, you can apply for this once you have residency in the city you move to.

8) You must have financial means to pay for the quarterly tuition in full up front, before the quarter begins.

9) You must be willing to dedicate at least 3 hours a day to study/reading.

10) Above all else, you must have a willingness to be flexible with housing, travel, roommates, scheduling, and practicum work.  

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