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our Entrance Exam

Eventually, students who want to earn a certificate or diploma must fill out an application packet and submit SAT or ACT scores or pass the Open Latch Education Foundation's Preparatory Learning Examination (OLEF PLE), which is an exam written and assessed by our accreditation agency but administered by Ravenburn locally. Our target SAT score is 1600 or better (composite of Math, Writing, and Critical Reading), and our target ACT score is 21 or better (composite and subject areas). For the OLEF PLE, one must earn at or above an 80% score.


The entrance exam we use (the OLEF PLE) is not recognized nationally in the same way that the ACT and SAT are. Consequently, taking our exam in lieu of the ACT or SAT will help you in your application to Ravenburn and any other faculty-school college in the system supervised by OLEF, but not in an application to any other traditional college or university.


PLACES/DATES: The Ravenburn exam is taken at a public library in the area of the Ravenburn main faculty group (within the Greater Cleveland/Akron area) or its satellite branches. Students will receive the address of the testing site upon registration for the exam. Students must take the exam in person, with a Ravenburn proctor administering the exam. The exam is given five times a year: on the 3rd Saturday of the months of July, September, December, February, and April.



REGISTRATION/FEE. There is a $50 charge for the Ravenburn exam, which is paid directly to our accreditation agency, the Open Latch Education Foundation. The agency independently grades the test and then passes on to us the test, the score, and its recommendation for acceptance.


Please email us at for more information on taking our exam. To receive a sample version of the exam, please email the director requesting the sample exam. The sample exam will be emailed to the recipient.

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