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the open latch education foundation

We have received provisional institutional accreditation from the Open Latch Education Foundation (OLEF), located in Maryville, Tennessee. We will receive full institutional accreditation at the end of the 2019-20 academic year.


Please visit the Open Latch Education Foundation at to examine the requirements we have fulfilled or are currently in the process of fulfilling.

OLEF is in charge of the faculty-school system. The schools in this system share full articulation with each other, so any general-learning credit earned at one faculty-school college can transfer to another faculty-school college in the system. Any program-specific credit can transfer to another school's matching program.


This holds only for schools within the system. OLEF is recognized as an accreditation agency by the Collective Oversight For System Alignment organization (COFSA). But because OLEF has purposefully chosen to remain unrecognized by the United States Department of Education, there is no guarantee that any credit earned from any faculty school will transfer to a college or university outside the system.


Both OLEF and COFSA perpetually archive student transcripts. Students must first contact their respective faculty schools for their transcripts but then can count on both agencies to provide transcripts as well.

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