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Articulation is the agreement of schools in a certain system to recognize each other's credits. All of our credits will transfer to other schools in the faculty-school system under OLEF. General-learning credits based on the 5-category New Classical system will always transfer. Program-specific credits will transfer only toward the appropriate corresponding programs. That is, ministry credits from one faculty school will transfer to the same ministry programs at any other faculty school, business credits to the same business programs, and so forth.


Because our accreditation agency has purposefully set itself up to operate outside official recognition of the Federal Government (staying unrecognized makes it impossible for faculty schools under OLEF to ever partake in the increasingly irresponsible game of federally-managed student loans), you should assume that colleges and universities operating under the auspices of the US Department of Education and thus outside the faculty-school system will not accept our credits when it comes to transfer or degree recognition. There is a chance they might—ultimately, this is something a school can decide on its own—but you should assume it won't.

As far as a student should desire to transfer credits into the faculty-school system, many times this isn't a problem. If classes someone has already taken fit with our requirements for general learning, they will transfer in, and if outside credits in business or ministry classes look like they can dovetail with our own programs, we will transfer them in. But there is a caveat. In order that the students experience the unique approach of the faculty-school system, no more than 15 general learning credits can transfer in, and no more than 18 program-specific credits can transfer in. 

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