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There are so many ways ordinary people can serve God right where they are, with their hobbies, talents, or peculiar situations. For example, John, a 68 retiree, likes to fix cars, so much so that he's outfitted a garage behind his house so he can work on cars with a pneumatic lift. Mary, 45, is very active in her middle-class, urban neighborhood. She knows more than a few sit-in seniors who could use company and help shopping. And Frank, 25 and living with a few roommates in Milwaukee, has a passion for 3-on-3 basketball.

What if there way a way for these people to organize service groups around these God-given passions? 

What if John could meet with 3 young men twice a week to help them learn how to fix cars with his tools, and then helped them start up their own business servicing cars for full- or part-time ministers?

What if Mary could meet with 2 young ladies from her church to visit a few of the lonely elderly around her neighborhood on Tuesdays and then cook meals for them on Thursdays?


What if Frank and his roommates, along with a few young men from Milwaukee Christian Academy, could organize a semi-annual 3-on-3 tournament for his side of the city, using the opportunity to evangelize local hoopsters?


We want to be a part of the energy and work that turns these scenarios into reality. RHBC can mentor potential Project Living Spark leaders, and we can help with payments, vetting, and publicity.


If you feel you have an idea on how to set up and lead a PLS group in your neighborhood and would like our advice or help, please contact us. We'd love to help.   

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