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STATEMENT of core beliefs

We have two types of core beliefs: philosophical and biblical. 

Philosophical Core Beliefs


We hold the following to be true by reason:

That truth is accessible by the human mind, and that the mind naturally forms a non-contradictory system of values and beliefs that guides one's actions.

That human language is capable of constructing and conveying sentences that ethically and truthfully correspond with a single, basic state of reality.

That reality is ultimately single and stable.

That the universe shows more evidence of intelligent design than of evolution.

That since the non-existence of God has not been proved, the notion that God exists must be seriously entertained.

That the interpretation of a non-fiction, non-poetical text should be literal when there is no contextual reason to treat its meaning figuratively.

That it is not to be assumed that the human spirit is naturally aligned to truth or justice.

That since it has not been shown that humans are not eternal creatures, the notion that they are eternal creatures must be seriously entertained.

That science is a method that produces only probable statements that speak only of events that are repeatable, public, and measurable.

That science speaks only to the physical characteristics of reality, and that reality is more than that which is commonly denoted as physical.

That knowledge, if it is knowledge, is true, and that knowledge is available to human minds via means other than solely scientific ones.

That humans have presuppositions, and that these presuppositions are held prior to scientific or empiric data.

That if there is only one single ultimate reality, that it is possible to be incorrect about that reality.

Biblical Core Beliefs

We hold the following to be true by revelation:

That the bible is the inspired and inerrant word of God, meant to be interpreted literally when the context demands, and figuratively when the context demands.

That miracles can happen at God's command.

That God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit form a Divine Trinity, all equally God. 

That Christ's work on the cross alone is the only way we can be reconciled to God, and that without personally accepting the efficacy of the cross, we exist in a state of enmity toward God.

That heaven and hell are real places, and that every human being is destined to spend eternity in one of these two places.

That there will be a coming resurrection of all the dead, and that our souls will then be reunited with imperishable bodies.

That through Jesus all that is seen was made by God's command from that which was not seen.

That grace is a divine work upon the heart that gives birth to faith, and faith in turn gives birth to understanding and conviction.

That God calls man and women into reconciliation and fellowship solely because of his divine mercy and choice, not because of good works performed by us.

That God grows and preserves the Church of God, which is the worldwide collection of those who have been called into reconciliation and fellowship with God through the mediation of Jesus Christ.

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